Codebuddy Pvt. Ltd. Climbs Clutch’s Game-Changer Ranks

Shirsendu Kar
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Here at Codebuddy, we have your back when it comes to building innovative digital solutions that can help transform your business. Founded in 2018, we have worked with over 100 global customers — from unicorn startups to brilliant corporations. We serve as the all-around partner for delivering cutting edge solutions, offering different services including:

  • Full stack development

  • Web and mobile app development

  • UI/UX designing

  • SaaS development

Because of the successful projects we’ve shared with our incredible clients over the years, we have proven how much we care for our clients' goals and needs. The partnerships with our clients allowed us to shine brightly in the industry and make a name for ourselves as a game changer on Clutch for Android app developer in India.

To help you get up to speed, Clutch is a B2B reviews and ratings resource from Washington DC that is designed to help browsers cut through the clutter. The platform is known for publishing insightful content covering different industries such as information technology, digital marketing, and business services.

The esteemed game changers rank can only be earned by high-performing teams with a proven track record of successful projects. Only those service providers who have reached the bar and consistently delivered top-tier solutions are qualified to earn the title. 

Through the honest testimonials provided by our clients, we were able to showcase what we do as their partners. Without their generous support and overwhelming trust, we wouldn’t be considered game changers today.

We’d like to seize this opportunity to express our sincerest appreciation to all of our clients. Thank you to everyone who believes in Codebuddy!

Codebuddy was very passionate about the project, and they were very timely. They exceeded my expectations for a developer, considering I had worked with several developers in the past. Codebuddy studied our industry more comprehensively than I anticipated. I was really impressed because there were a lot of things to look over, yet they dove in and understood our market. This helped to make the project way easier.
— Owner, Vendor Bridge

They’re a diamond in the rough, and it’s impressive how they can work with clients of all backgrounds. I feel like I have found my development team for the next 30 years; they’re my one-stop-shop.— CEO, Forage Group Inc.

Interested in working with us? Get scalable, high-performing, and secure software with Codebuddy. Drop a line and let’s connect.

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Shirsendu Kar
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