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Transforming EdTech with Innovative Tuition and Coaching Management SaaS Software

In the ever-evolving landscape of education technology, Codebuddy partnered with a visionary client to pioneer a transformative solution for tuition and coaching class management. This case study unfolds the remarkable journey of our collaboration, showcasing how we harnessed the power of technology to empower educational institutions and facilitate seamless learning experiences.

Aha! moment

Our groundbreaking moments unfolded with the introduction of transformative features. Leveraging Google Business results, we empowered users to discover institutions not yet onboarded on the platform, broadening accessibility. Prioritizing security, we implemented encryption for all personal data, ensuring the highest level of protection for user information. The platform's evolution continued with the introduction of custom invoice management, dynamic class scheduling, and payment scheduling, enhancing administrative efficiency. Moreover, we enriched the user experience by enabling seamless learning experiences for both online and offline attendees, fostering a dynamic and inclusive educational environment.


"When you give them a business problem, they analyze all the possible scenarios and come up with actionable solutions."



Our objectives were clear:

  • Develop a comprehensive software solution to manage tuition and coaching classes.
  • Facilitate efficient multi-branch management.
  • Enhance class scheduling and attendance tracking.
  • Ensure the highest level of data security through encryption.
  • Create customizable invoice and payout management.
  • Enable dynamic subscription management with add-ons and discounts.
  • Integrate Zoom for video conferencing and communication.
  • Build an intuitive mobile app for students, teachers, and parents.
  • Implement a referral system and certificate generation.
  • Support real-time chat and parent-teacher communication.
  • Deliver a feature-rich Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Leverage location-based search to help users find nearby institutions.


While developing the EdTech software, we encountered several challenges:

  • Complex Data Handling: Efficiently managing large volumes of data related to classes, students, and coaches was a technical challenge.
  • Integration Complexity: Integrating multiple third-party tools and APIs, such as Zoom and Twilio, required meticulous planning.
  • Customization: Providing fully customizable features, such as invoice management and subscription plans, while maintaining system integrity was challenging.
  • Security: Ensuring data encryption and compliance with data protection regulations added complexity to the project.
  • User Adoption & Usability: As the user base expanded, we closely monitored user feedback. This proactive approach allowed us to identify and address usability issues swiftly and seamlessly, all without causing any downtime for the users.


Our EdTech software boasted a rich set of key features, including:

  • Tuition and coaching class management with multi-center support
  • Fully customizable invoice and payout management
  • Class scheduling with attendance tracking and re-scheduling support
  • Learning Management System (LMS) with classroom notes and activity widgets
  • Real-time chat and parent-teacher communication
  • Zoom call scheduling and integration
  • Referral system and certificate generation
  • Location-based search for finding classes nearby
  • Customizable email templates and notification settings
  • Comprehensive course management with analytics
  • Student and teacher profile management
  • Holiday management, class cancellation, and makeup class tracking
  • Subscription management with badges for students

Tech Stack

Our technology stack included the versatile MERN stack for web development and React Native for mobile app development. We also integrated various third-party tools, including:

  • Stripe
  • Zoom API
  • Twilio
  • Mailgun
  • Google Places API
  • Google Maps API
  • OneSignal
  • Passport JS
  • Sharp
  • React Query

Use Cases

Our EdTech software found applications in:

  • Tuition and coaching class management, and supporting multiple centers
  • Efficient and customizable invoice and payout management
  • Dynamic class scheduling with attendance tracking
  • Facilitating real-time chat and parent-teacher communication
  • Providing a feature-rich Learning Management System (LMS)



Our EdTech software project stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology in education. With a robust feature set, security measures, and integrations, we've empowered educational institutions to streamline operations and offer enhanced learning experiences.

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