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A SaaS Platform to book Ad spaces with inventory management and track analytics with detailed reports

Embark on a journey of advanced information orchestration with the IMS Platform. This state-of-the-art solution serves as a central nexus, revolutionizing how you track, organize, and optimize information. Immerse yourself in the forefront of innovation, where seamless management converges with the next era of information technology. 

Aha! moment

Our groundbreaking moments unfolded with the introduction of a transformative solution poised to revolutionize outdoor advertising. This comprehensive and efficient platform not only simplifies daily operations for media owners but also establishes streamlined and productive workflows. Pioneering as India's first data-driven admin platform, it automates out-of-home (OOH) advertisements, offering a seamless process for the selection and creation of advertising spaces. The platform further empowers users with progress tracking for campaigns and deeper insights into expenditure efficiency, marking a significant leap forward in the landscape of data-driven and automated outdoor advertising solutions.



Our objectives were clear:

  • Streamlined Information Management
  • Enhanced Accessibility
  • Data Optimization
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Information Security


While developing the application, we encountered several challenges:

  • Addressing evolving security threats by keeping security protocols up-to-date and implementing advanced encryption methods
  • Managing the intricacies of implementing a microservices architecture for the platform, ensuring modularity and scalability
  • Overcoming technical challenges related to integrating APIs from various sources, ensuring seamless data flow and functionality
  • Addressing performance issues and optimizing database queries to enhance overall speed and responsiveness


Our portal has a rich set of key features, including:

  • Media owners automate routine tasks related to inventory management, booking processes, and payment handling
  • A unified platform for media owners to efficiently manage advertising operations, including inventories, bookings, and payments
  • A system for notifications and alerts to keep media owners informed about team activities, enhancing communication and coordination
  • Facilitates quick and intuitive advertising proposal creation to streamline the process and boost productivity
  • Simplifies financial processes like payments, release orders, purchase orders, and invoices, reducing administrative overhead

Use Cases

The website found applications in:

  • Users can create their own single or bulk inventory by uploading images and setting a price of their own. View and Edit option is also available.
  • The created inventory or multiple inventories can be used to create a proposal by the user and share those proposals with their own client in the form of PDF, PPT and Excel.
  • The proposals can be converted to bookings and the users can add payments and track their revenue and reports in that financial year.
  • Generate and download purchase order, release order and invoices of each and every booking by providing necessary details to customizing printing, mounting cost and mounting GST charges.


In conclusion, the platform stands as a pioneering force in revolutionizing the outdoor advertising industry. Its commitment to providing media owners with a comprehensive and efficient solution reshapes daily operations, bringing forth streamlined and productive workflows. As India's first data-driven admin platform for automating OOH advertisements, it not only simplifies processes but also offers a deeper insight into campaign progress and expenditure efficiency. With a focus on innovation and user empowerment, it marks a transformative leap in optimizing and enhancing the landscape of outdoor advertising.

  • SaaS
  • Advertisement
  • Inventory
  • Booking
  • Payment Processing

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