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Colorful and fun life

We believe that the success of our team reflects the success of the company, therefore, we establish a motivating and peaceful environment for everyone to be themselves.

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Node.js Developer
3 to 5 years 3 openings
map Kolkata/Pune/Remote 
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React.js/React Native developer
3-5 years 5 openings
map Kolkata/Pune/Remote 
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Laravel Developer
3-5 years 2 openings
map Kolkata/Pune/Remote 
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Project Manager
1-5 years 2 openings
map Kolkata/Pune/Remote 
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QA (Software Tester)
3-5 years 1 opening
map Kolkata/Pune/Remote 
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UI/UX Designer
1-5 years 1 opening
map Kolkata/Pune/Remote 
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Business Development Executive
1-4 years 1 opening
map Kolkata/Pune/Remote 
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WordPress Developer
2-5 years years 3 openings
map Kolkata/Pune 
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Perks & Benefits

Flexible hours

We care about your work life balance and give you freedom where you can choose to shift your everyday schedule by starting the day later or leaving earlier. Keeping in mind to be present during Core hours.

Health and Accident Insurance

We understand that your health should be the primary concern, so we make sure that every employee associated with us gets their health insured for the unforeseen times.

Remote Work

Covid-19 made us all realize how important it is to be with our family. So, come up with a permanent work from home opportunity so that you can work from the comfort of your couch having your family around you.

Laptop/ Equipment of your Choice

All the required electronic devices and other accessories needed for your day to day office work will be provided by us so that you don’t bother about these things and use your focus to achieve great things.

Recognition & Rewards

Every great work deserves appreciation. Therefore, we value every bit of your hard work and get you recognized in intrinsic or extrinsic ways.

Learning Opportunities

Be it IT industry or any other profession, learning never ends, so we provide you with opportunities to use cutting edge technology to upgrade your skills and grow together.

Interest-free Loans

The interest money is a gift. As we care about your mental peace, we don’t want you to live with the burden of heavy interest and decided to come up with an easy and interest free loan.


Bring your Friends to Work Everyday. We give you an opportunity to provide your teammates and yourself with the very best coworkers. If you get to know about an opening for a position where your friend would be a great fit, recommend them and get a reward for it.

Discounted Electronics

Gift yourself and your family members with the happiness of electronics items at a pocket friendly price with heavy discounts.

memory board

Work hard party harder is our
primary motto


Codebuddy Mania: Season 4 - Mandarmani

A crazy outing on the shores of Mandarmani Beach.


Codebuddy Mania: Season 3 - Pacific Resort

Codebuddy Mania Season 3, held in December 2022 at Pacific Resort,


Codebuddy Mania: Season 2 - Raichak

Unfolded at Raichak by the Ganges Mania Season2


Codebuddy Mania: Season 1 - Ibiza

In December 2020, amid global challenges, Codebuddy hosted its first offsite,


Fluid Fest

The day was a colorful canvas of joy and excitement


Team Parties

Our occasional team parties are always a blast! We gather for dinners filled with joy

for you

Much more than just a job

At Codebuddy, you will work with some of the best engineers in India, where teamwork, professional growth, and personal development are the pillars of our company's culture.

The Codebuddy team includes certified developers and designers who are absolute go-getters having the ability to cater to specific requirements of clients. We need someone who is dynamic, optimistic, and confident and is able to adapt to the ever-changing world of technology and the needs of our customers.

for us

What do we expect in you?

To maintain the sustainability of our organisation, every employee needs to adhere to strong work ethics and corporate behavioural values that will not only promote better internal relations but also help Codebuddy to maintain excellent partnerships with every single client worldwide.


Aligned with our values

Our values drive our motivation towards creativity and all employees shall have the same ingrained morals that bring diligence.



Initiative is all about taking charge and can only happen when you have the enthusiasm and hunger for growth and development


Craving for growth

We need our employees to stay aligned with our collaborative values of organisation, adaptability, and open-mindedness.


We aim to be the best workplace
one can get

We are a 5 star rated in multiple categories altogether, year after year. It’s our employees who made this possible.

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