The Problems faced by entrepreneurs while building SaaS product

Sri Harsha Mallepudi
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Google Pay was launched as Tez which got 7.5 million users within 5 weeks, registering almost 30 million transactions.

It was also the time when PayTm was a household name and PhonePe had already launched.

So how did Google Pay achieve such viral growth? - All thanks to its rewards program.

And trust us, it isn’t an easy feat to pull off a successful reward program.

Checkout the list of top challenges faced by entrepreneurs while building a SaaS application

1️⃣ Choosing the right payment gateway: Right pricing plan

2️⃣ Handle refunds: For a better customer experience

3️⃣ Coupons & Discounts: The best way to offer discounts and tying them with technology

4️⃣ Referral and Rewards: How to make the right referral policy and tie it technically so that it does not get exploited

5️⃣ App Store Publishing: Challenges in publishing apps in the app store if your saas is a mobile app

6️⃣ Scalability: How to choose the right scaling approach

At this point, are you guys low-key thinking that we just left you with problems without offering solutions? Don’t worry, we aren’t Cassandra from Greek Mythology 😂

Stay tuned to know how entrepreneurs can solve the problems faced while building a SaaS application.

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Sri Harsha Mallepudi
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