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An interior designing visualization tool

The platform is an interior visualization tool that targets potential home buyers, developers, and realtors to showcase completed interior options. It offers a 360 view of rooms with product options as realistically rendered previews. Any changes to the product choices are reflected in real-time. The visualizer is touch-compatible and responsive, primarily for desktop devices. The platform is subscription-based and generates walkthroughs that are compliant across all desktop and mobile devices, capable of running in modern browsers.

Aha! moment

Our groundbreaking moments came when we unveiled:

360-Degree Exploration: Unveiling the potential for a comprehensive 360-degree experience.

Real-Time Project Creation: The platform's ability to enable real-time project creation using diverse materials and products.

Client Expansion: The successful project paving the way for further client collaborations and platform developments.

Global Reach: The project's success leading to opportunities for creating custom project creation websites on a European scale.



Our objectives were clear:

  • Develop an interior visualization platform with a primary focus on showcasing completed interior options
  • Create a 360-degree room view feature that provides realistically rendered previews of product options
  • Implement real-time updates, ensuring that any changes in product choices are instantly reflected in the visualizations
  • Design a touch-compatible and responsive interface, primarily optimized for desktop devices
  • Establish a subscription-based model for access to the platform's features



While developing the web application, we encountered several challenges:

  • Rendering Realism: Achieving high-quality and realistic visual renderings for an immersive experience
  • 360-Degree Visualization: Creating seamless 360-degree room views with touch responsiveness
  • Synchronization in Real-Time: Implementing mechanisms for instant updates when product selections change
  • Device Versatility: Ensuring the platform's usability across both desktop and mobile devices



Our website has a rich set of key features, including:

  • Extensive Material Catalog: Explore a wide variety of materials and styles to match your creative vision
  • Mix and Match: Diversify your design by mixing and matching materials for the perfect aesthetic
  • 360° Interior View: Immerse yourself in a realistic and interactive 360° interior view
  • Design Visualization: Visualize your designs, change configurations, and tailor your project to perfection
  • Realistic Rendering: Achieve lifelike visuals that bring your designs to life
  • Product Library: Access an extensive collection of design elements and materials
  • Customization for Branding: Tailor the platform to reflect your unique brand identity
  • Real-Time Updates: Stay in the loop with instant, dynamic changes and progress tracking

Tech Stack

Our technology stack included the MERN stack with UI components and libraries. 


Use Cases

The virtual tours and walkthroughs platform found applications in:

  • Interior Design Visualization: The 360° interior view feature allows users to virtually step into their design projects. They can see how chosen materials and styles will look in their spaces, helping them make informed design decisions
  • Experimentation: Users can experiment with different combinations of materials and styles in the 360° interior view, allowing them to visualize and fine-tune their project concepts before implementation
  • Material Selection: Users can browse the app's extensive catalog to explore various materials and styles, making it easy to choose the right elements for their interior design, construction, or renovation projects
  • Personalized Projects: The app empowers users to create highly personalized projects that align with their unique preferences and visions, resulting in more satisfying and successful design and construction projects


This project stands as a testament to the limitless possibilities of immersive design experiences. The project's triumph not only prompted further client collaboration but also opened doors to global opportunities. As we look ahead, the future holds boundless potential for creating custom project creation websites on a grand European scale, marking a significant milestone in the journey of interior visualization and design.

  • css
  • MERN
  • Interior decor
  • Data Visualization
  • React

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