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A modifiable accounting software for small and mid-sized businesses

AccountMate US based company that offers unique accounting solutions for growing businesses to gain a competitive edge with a unique ERP softwares. They provide financial management solutions with SQL softwares, enterprise accounting softwares and overall help businesses to improve decision and performance with agile and smart planning solutions packed with business intelligence.

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Requirements of AccountMate

AccountMate wanted to design several softwares with modelled scenarios that quickly help businesses to reach the right solution to their business accounting problems. With enterprise financial planning for small and mid-sized businesses involving analysis, budgeting and future prediction and risk prevention with ingestion of huge amount of data needed embedded businesses intelligence and predictive analytics systems and powerful cloud management.

They wanted to design flexible, user-defined business software that did cost analysis and took real time insights to manage, govern and improve finance processes in companies to increase their profitability without much human effort.

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Our Due Diligence

The foremost challenge for teams at Codebuddy was the strategic alignments of all financial management requirements and streamlining them into softwares. Post understanding AccountMate’s expectations of the outcome, our engineers worked collaboratively with them to orchestrate dynamic workflows and operations around accounting for the features that were to be highlighted in the softwares.

Our team built a powerful software that were integrated with planning budgeting and forecasting, data-driven analytics with the right cloud integrations, scenario planning and what-if analysis, built-in team collaboration, discussion and sharing applications, to name a few.

Migration of data was uncompromised and the softwares also needed to operate a 24/7 failsafe.

Their website was kept informational and comprehensively explained their features in a neat and organized interface.


Our design team was equally synchronized

Our UX team built softwares that were easily edible by end-users and seamlessly integrates into general application usage. For people accustomed to using excel sheets for financial planning all day, the UX had to be kept simple and intuitive to shorten their learning curve of employees at small companies and ultimately enhance their productivity.

Data visualization of accounting metrics were displayed in the software to help companies make more efficient and timely decision.


Regardless of complexity, implementation is always fun!

Even though building ERP systems can be quite challenging, Codebuddy tackled the project in collaboration with AccountMate very smartly and provided a complete end-to-end solution to make intelligent decisions and improve enterprise performance management with collaborative financial planning and analysis.

Similar toAccountMate, Codebuddy can help you build a powerful ERP platform too, to help other companies achieve perfection in financial management and accounting.

Sudipta and team Codebuddy has been very communicative, available, and organized throughout the project which contributed to the successful completion of our project in a timely manner.

He followed through on all our objectives and was easy to work with. We really appreciated his support throughout the app launch process as well.

We look forward to working with him more on future projects!

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