Remote Development

Hire expert talent effortlessly and with confidence.

Leverage the luxury of having an extended remote team of professional developers that empowers you to seamlessly and securely develop your project without hassles.

remote teams

Kick start your development process with remote experts

Hire hand-selected, legitimate remote developers to outsource your software developing needs and smoothly boost your capacity with verified skills, dynamic skill allocation, direct communication, and reduced risk in virtue of alleviating the pressure of hiring, training, and maintaining employees.


Effortless Onboarding

The average time to hire a developer is 1.5 months. Quickly hire professional developers who start working on your project within a week to save months of recruitment process struggles and costs.


Seamless Integration

Our vigilant and agile technical team will merge with your business to ensure fully compliant and transparent communications with your business.



Collaborate by scaling the team for any work big or small, our highly skilled professionals carry a spectrum of skills for all your development needs.


High Employee Retention

Our engineers are responsible and reliable who are interested in long-term relationships to provide you with continuous technical support.


Dedicated Team Force

Our qualified, verified, and fully-trained engineers work like they’re a part of your team and are focused solely on your growth and success.



Working with us will save your costs for recruitment, office space, equipment, etc. for employees, and give you the freedom of hiring as per project requirements.

best for the best

When You Choose codebuddy,
You Work With the Best

Our team of 120+ talented & experienced engineers hail from top institutes and technology companies of India like Seagate, VWO, Nvidia, Druva, FullContact and others. We are biased towards innovative problem solvers who strive for continuous improvement demonstrated by their learning velocity in adopting new technologies and building extraordinary products.

Decide for yourself how much time you’ll be saving

We set up infrastructure with tools and systems based on your unique project requirements, enabling us to deliver solutions that exceed your expectations. Following is our workflow system for companies who hire remote developers from us and focus on the things that matter


Understanding your Requirements

We shall get granular details about your project, goals, and expectations to understand your desired level of expertise to assemble the perfect team of professionals custom-made for your work.


Curate the Best Team for You

We will gather the most efficient and specific team from our talent pool for providing you with the most customised bunch of specialists who are enthusiastic and eager to work on your project.



Worrying how this remote thing works? Stop fretting because we have enough experience to make this process feel absolutely painless and uncomplicated. Be it a new or an ongoing project, our team knows how to unite themselves with your project.



And finally, after these small steps compared to the big steps that you might have taken to hire a full-time employee, our experts get their hands dirty into your project and sprinkle their magic to curate quality code for your software.

Lead your project from start to launch, pay the way you prefer

You have the freedom to decide your monetary associations similar to team associations according to the scale of your project. We believe to provide what you exactly need and hence have regimented three packages for your custom needs.


Hourly Retainer

Got a small software fix? New product feature launch? Want to improve software functionality? Hire our experts on an hourly basis for remote experts to focus on one deliverable, leaving no room for distractions and promising the delivery of your project within the stipulated time.


Monthly Retainer

Payments can be done monthly to ensure our developers stay with you throughout your process pipeline for constant development and support. They will dedicate 100% of their time and commitment solely to your project making you feel that they truly are a part of your team.


Fixed Payment

You can also choose to pay a fixed fee for services provided by the developers to your business for specific tasks. These will be subjective as per the project, contact us now to get your personalised estimate and we will ensure you get the best ROI.


Here’s the result -
we are 5 star-rated on Clutch

We are consistently 5 star rated in Clutch, year after year. we thank our team and our clients who made this possible

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