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Set up an offshore development center with Codebuddy

We’re a holistic product development team with a sound focus on coding, designing, and project management. With impeccable communication, trust and integrity, we possess industry-best technical as well as soft skills with the capability of handling complex projects and building brilliant software.

A proven offshore technological team

Our clients have trusted us with their project by building an expert and specialized team at Codebuddy specific to their needs to save time and money for hiring at local sites. Since we have the top professionals from India from a breadth of digital technology services working with us, we’ll always compensate for the lack of expertise in your local talent pool.

Make more margin without sacrificing quality

Scale quickly: With competitors getting ahead, companies are looking to press the need to scale quickly with little time left to set and maintain operating processes. We’re the right option for you.

Time flexibility: Complete a project within 2 weeks with us that your local team would do in 5 months. Because of scalability, we curate a team for you that is exactly according to your project requirements and deadline so that you’re always ahead of your competitors.

The motivated, skilled, and diverse talent pool: Shortage of senior technicians in your locality can’t be the reason you hinder your development processes. We hire the top 5% of the best professionals in our country and can assure you the best services.

No administrative hassles: You control the result, not the operation process, and that’s the best part of hiring an offshore team. Sit back, relax and watch while we develop your product from concept to full-fledged software.

More working hours: Having an offshore software development centre is an efficient way to gain more overlapping coverage for your project, given that two teams driving your project on different continents totals to 16 hours of work per day solely dedicated to your project.

Don’t worry about security: Being an offshore centre, we’re extremely careful about your data privacy protection systems, legal requirements, and data transfer security. Our team ensures there are no loopholes in any step of the integration and onboarding process.

Lead your project from start to launch, pay the way you prefer

You have the freedom to decide your monetary associations similar to team associations according to the scale of your project. We believe to provide what you exactly need and hence have regimented three packages for your custom needs.


Hourly Retainer

Got a small software fix? New product feature launch? Want to improve software functionality? Hire our experts on an hourly basis for remote experts to focus on one deliverable, leaving no room for distractions and promising the delivery of your project within the stipulated time.


Monthly Retainer

Payments can be done monthly to ensure our developers stay with you throughout your process pipeline for constant development and support. They will dedicate 100% of their time and commitment solely to your project making you feel that they truly are a part of your team.


Fixed Payment

You can also choose to pay a fixed fee for services provided by the developers to your business for specific tasks. These will be subjective as per the project, contact us now to get your personalized estimate and we will ensure you get the best ROI.



If you’re working on a tight budget and want to avoid the recurrent cost of hiring a developer, we also provide an option to take equity and provide development services at minimized or even no costs, to develop the MVP.


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we are consistently 5 star rated in Clutch, year after year. we thank our team and our clients who made this possible

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