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Revolutionizing efficiency in the chemical industry by streamlining processes, enhancing collaboration, and optimizing productivity

A revolutionary platform designed to elevate chemical management. This user-friendly tool empowers businesses with streamlined workflows, efficient processes, and enhanced collaboration. Navigate the complexities of the chemical industry effortlessly, ensuring precision and productivity. 

Aha! moment

Our groundbreaking moment came when we unveiled:

The app to be usable in complete offline mode in areas with any internet connectivity. 



Our objectives were clear:

  • Streamlined Chemical Management
  • Enhanced Workflow Efficiency
  • Improved Collaboration Processes
  • User-Friendly Platform Experience
  • Precision and Productivity Optimization
  • Comprehensive Data Management
  • Real-time Monitoring and Reporting
  • Seamless Access to Critical Information
  • Integration with Industry Standards
  • Scalability for Growing Business Needs


While developing this unique platform, we encountered several challenges:

  • Offline Data Synchronization
  • GPS Accuracy and Reliability
  • Geofencing Implementation
  • Mobile App Security
  • Real-Time Data Updates
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Battery Optimization
  • Data Encryption
  • App Performance
  • Integration with Existing Systems


Our platform boasted an array of key features, including:

  • Offline-Based Mobile App
  • GPS Location-Based Attendance Management
  • Real-Time Attendance Tracking
  • Offline Data Storage and Sync
  • Geofencing for Location Accuracy
  • Secure and Reliable Offline Mode
  • Remote Employee Check-In/Out
  • GPS Timestamps for Attendance Records
  • Seamless Data Synchronization
  • User-Friendly Mobile Interface

Use Cases

Our platform found applications in:

  • Plan and organize Sales visits
  • Product inventory management
  • Track sales and generate reports
  • Track employee attendance



As a user-friendly and scalable solution, our platform's Admin contributes to the industry's evolution, promising a future of seamless chemical management and operational excellence.

  • Automation
  • Chemical
  • Nest.js
  • Attendance management

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It’s such efforts which got us
5 star-ratings on Clutch

We are consistently 5 star rated in multiple categories all together, year after year. we are to thank our team and our clients who made this possible

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